Our Services

Our group of certified professionals brings to life several magical images to perfection with our boutique of specialized services.  Being online and offshore brings us an opportunity to diverse our talented operators to capture the main essence of the images. Prices do not have any hidden taxes and are clear of all charges.

Clipping Path Service

Qualified artists are deployed for this special technique. They are capable of making any number of changes to suit the client’s needs. There is no compromise on the time taken to bring the best representation. The first proofs are submitted in 48 hours for final approval, unless the job is very delicate. Removal of background, multiple clipping paths for color correction, is done patiently.

Various image paths are applied by graphic artists. All complex designs are retouched, enhanced or manipulated with the latest digital techniques like the pen tool in photoshop. This is our main area of specialization for our global clients.

Photoshop Image Masking

In a hurry, often some images do not turn out perfect, but need to be maintained for posterity. Now perfection is possible easily with photoshop image masking. It is a technique that can remove a blur that threatens to spoil the overall image. It could mean adding sharpness to a certain degree in some areas.  The background may have an unbalanced gradient, color, blotchy exposure. With the help of photo masking tools they can be eliminated. All blemishes are removed to enhance the visual quality of the picture.

Drop shadow service

Several companies depend on their products to keep them in good business. Good pictures always are an asset. This also hold true for models and stylized photography where shadows play an important role. Drop shadow technique is useful to change a background without spoiling the overall texture of the picture. This technique is useful in highlighting the important aspects of the product or model or services of the company.

Image Manipulation Service

With digital tools a picture can be blended in parts or in whole with another one. This technique allows the freedom to create a new visual feature to the original or to make it completely new. Image manipulation technique uses part of one image and employs it in another image. This is an effective way for companies that have to display products. For example, the mannequin head may change or the shirt may be replaced with another one. It is convenient to display color schemes and sizes. And appearing on the catalogue on online portals, it makes business sense to use this technique.

Raster to Vector Conversion

We provide very affordable raster to vector conversion quality to the pictures. Websites now need to be visually appealing to the user/buyer and the client. We have catered to a number of professional industries with this service. Our global clients include photographers, graphic studios, catalogue companies, web development companies, online sellers and printing press.

Logo Design

Book Cover Design


We invite you to send us a sample for our artists to work on. We are professionals of the web where other professionals rely on our expertise to do their job.

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