How to make Dashed Line Effect in Photoshop CS6 ?

Sometime a simple task that you want to create in Photoshop could disturb you so much cause how do I make it !!!. Such as how to create a Dashed Line Effect in Photoshop. Actually I suffered to solve this problem. By the way, just follow my 3 questions step by step and get answer below.

1. How to setup your Pen Tool for making Dashed Line Effect ?

Open whatever image you want to create a Dashed Line Effect around them .
Here I have chosen a “cake.jpg”.

dashed line effect tutorial

Now select the “PEN TOOL” then choose “SHAPE” from the drop-down list in the “Option Bar”

Dashed Line Effect Tutorial Ring-2

Set “No Color” by selecting “Fill”. After click on the “STROKE” box and set whichever color you wish.
I wished white, and set my “Shape Stroke Width” 0.65 pt.

Dashed Line Effect Tutorial Ring-4

2. How to use Pen Tool for Making a Selection Path before Dashed Line Effect ? 

If you done my first answer properly, now you need make a selection around the image wherever you wish .Take pen tool. Create a shape path with some anchor points (The extent of your needs) around the image
by clicking and dragging pen tool.(You can zooming the image for perfection).

Photoshop CS 6 Tutorial Ring-5Your final output on them
Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

3. How to Make & Configure Dashed Line Effect Finally ?

So this is the last & final task after completing my second question. Select again pen tool with path selection then click on “SET SHAPE STROKE TYPE” and choose Dashed Line Stroke. You can Configure you Dashed Line by clicking “MORE OPTION”. I set my Dash 4 and Gap between two Dashes 2 for this Design.

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Ring-7

Wow ! finally you have done to make Dashed Line Effect in Photoshop because your result is below .

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

So dear don’t forget to share your beautiful thoughts or review on my creation .


Bijutoha, no it is the key-name, of Md. Bakhtiar Uddin (Biju). Hafiz Al Quran and Islamic Scholar (Mawlana) . Creative Designer on Calligraphy, Typography, Logo Design, Web Design, and so on.  Online Marketing Professional for Clipping Path India .


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